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We are in the Adirondacks and it looks like the rain is going to stay with us today. We headed off to Paul Smiths, New York where we wanted to see White Pine Camp. This was the summer white house of President Calvin Coolidge. There are many “camps” in the Adirondacks built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They spanned countless acres of forest and were beautifully crafted buildings that provided all the necessities such as indoor plumbing and hot water. Here camping & roughing it means different things to different people.  To the Vanderbilts,  where we visit next, it meant heading off into the woods and setting up camp in absolutely luxurious estates.  Several of these camps are still standing today, while only remnants of others can be found.

To get to the main camp it was a couple miles of pine needle covered road off the main road. Tall white pines on either side of the road and one very narrow, one lane bridge. The main camp is a very rustic setting. There was one larger cabin with one door marked President and another marked Mrs. Coolidge. We saw maybe 5 or 6 smaller cabins all of them painted a very a dark green.

We could see a Japanese tea house from the boat house. It was out on a little island and seemed to be the perfect setting. With the rain and mist it looked very serene. There were various woodland and lakeside paths you could take. I read that there was a tennis house and bowling alley there also, but we didn’t see them. We just walked around to see things as we weren’t really supposed to be there since there was a sign at the entrance that said for guest only. They do offer public tours in July and August.

I’ll write about Great Camp Sagamore, which was the Vanderbilt camp, in my next entry.





There was a photograph of when the President stayed there and it looked like it was furnished very comfortably. Today it is open to the public to rent the cabins. It looked like the kind of place you would go to for solitude, to sit and relax and look out over the water. Also fishing and boating would be something you could enjoy.



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